Thursday, March 31, 2016


We are so excited to start our new blog called, "Flourish."  We have several women who will be contributing over the weeks and months ahead.  All of us, from various walks of life and living in a variety of stages of life, desire one thing.  To see every girl and women "Flourish" in who God created them to be and to see every women "Flourish" in their relationships with other people, and in their physical and mental health.  Our posts will address these plus other areas of our lives as women.

I posted the cherry blossom photo because I believe it depicts the type of life Jesus longs for us to live; new life, with a fragrant aroma, beautiful in its display, and full of surprises.  In the Bible, the Book of John, chapter 10, verse 10 Jesus declares that there is an enemy who wants nothing more than to kill our passion for life, steal the joy we can walk in every day, and destroy the relationships that are closest to us.  Jesus goes on to contrast the enemy and his tactics with His desire for our lives; "I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full."  The life Jesus promises each of us is truly available, if we desire it, and will seek after it, with our whole heart.

So today, let's start with this prayer:

Dear Father,

It is our desire to live the full life you have promised us.  As your daughters we ask you to please look beyond our faults and extend to us your grace.  Help us become wise to the enemy's tactics and readily recognize his advances in our lives.  Help us be women of passion, full of love for others.  Help us be women of joy, who find the good in every situation, so we can rejoice and be glad.  Protect our relationships and help us serve one another in love, offer forgiveness quickly, and have a playful heart.

We love you so, Father.  We are so grateful for your promises.  


We hope you will follow along with us on this journey to a full and abundant life, where we each "flourish" in God's love and in strong relationships with other women.

All our love,